Editor’s Letter – February – FORWARD

Editor’s Letter – February – FORWARD

Does moving forward mean losing yourself?

This is a question I’ve struggled with during the past few months when life has felt like one big slingshot with only one direction to shoot into.

It all started with getting a new job before the holidays, whilst planning a wedding (I’m getting married in six weeks), and finally, moving out of the apartment that I’ve lived in for the past four years.

My apartment was the first place I could call my own: without roommates, or a landlord. It was suuuper tiny, but it was mine; my space to write in, entertain, walk around without clothes on, put my keys on a ceramic plate at the end of the day. It hosted many mistakes, career changes, relationship highs and lows, and shutting the door felt like closing off a piece of myself.

There’s a tipping point with change when you know deep down, you can’t stay, and even if you’re ready for the next phase, you can’t help but want to hold on.

I remember my last week of university, when I sat on the floor of my empty bedroom in London, Ontario with my roommate and said, “But this is our life. How could we leave?”

But we did leave, and we all started new chapters that brought us to new places. If I had stayed in that room, I wouldn’t have grown.

We interview women every day on the blog who have turned change into a new platform, or who knew where the industry was going, so they launched their own business ahead of the curve. With this month’s “Forward” theme, we’re launching a new initiative on BTNH and opening up the site with our first op-ed contest!

We want YOU to tell us about a time when you had to move forward to get to where you are in your career and life today. Maybe the path was choppy, or you had to make a dramatic life shift. Tell us in 750 words or less.

Email your submission to: write.btnh@gmail.com

We will select a winner on March 23rd, 2018.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Co-Founder & Editor, Be The Next Her

Photo credit: Lindsay Duncan

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