Editor’s Letter – September – Begin Again

Editor’s Letter – September – Begin Again

The seasons change without us asking them to. September walks in the room, and overnight, we feel silly with our toes showing.

But what about change that we choose?

One of the most inspiring stories about change that I want to share is not one that is featured on the blog, but it is of my partner, co-founder, and best friend Stefania.

After a decade of working in the service industry, this fall, at 30 years old, Stef made the brave and bold decision to enrol in George Brown’s Assaulted Women and Children’s Counselling and Advocate program to become a social worker.

Many of us, myself included get stuck with the idea that as adults, our path is already laid out. Going back to school at 30? For some, that seems impossible. The choices we make up until adulthood can feel irreversible, like we’ve spent too much time in one area to start anew.

What I would give to be 17 again, with all of my curated and collected adult lady wisdom, and see how I could manipulate my path in a different way. The truth is, we cannot go back; though I tend to get lost between Nostalgia Lane and Future Avenue, even though both don’t exist, and I really just need to park my car at Present Day St.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit to yourself that you’ve outgrown something, or that after 10 years of work, you’re actually not happy, and your heart is somewhere else.

A lot of the stories that we read on the blog, don’t follow a linear path.

There are women who started in one field, and turned their side-hustle into a full-time job. Yes, sacrifices may need to be made – pay cuts, additional part-time jobs, less time with friends and family, but there comes a time when staying in something you don’t love is harder than making a big change.

Stef worked almost every night and weekend at a restaurant all summer in order to save up for her program, while also continuing to photograph our women for Be The Next Her. I’m so proud and grateful to be running this blog with someone like her.

We have more changes upcoming for BTNH including working on making this site a bigger and stronger hub, a place where women can connect, share and feel inspired. We also have some new photos, taken by our new photography assistant Lindsay Duncan.

We want to know: are you going through any changes? What do you want out of the blog? What resonates with you?

We LOVE receiving your emails and comments! Here’s to a new season! x

Co-Founder & Editor


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  1. September 7, 2017 / 12:10 pm

    Love this post, Amanda! And congrats on going back to school Stefania! As someone who currently feels confused and stuck it’s always amazing to hear about other women making changes and going after what they want. Keep up the amazing work on BTNH – I know I’m not the only one who is inspired by it.


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