Odessa Paloma Parker, Head of Content, Tokyo Smoke

Odessa Paloma Parker, Head of Content, Tokyo Smoke

Odessa is the Head of Content at Tokyo Smoke

What is your morning routine?

I really like to sleep, so I try to wake up as late as I can while still giving myself time to get ready in a somewhat leisurely manner. The first thing I’ve been doing lately is putting on some classical music. I’ll boil some water for tea while doing a few stretches to start the day (I’m not a gym person). Then I’ll go through some emails while having breakfast. If I have time, I’ll do a Headspace meditation exercise.

Tell us about your career path

My career path was definitely varied – I’ve worked in marketing for a stylist agency and a make-up school, and I also ran my own independent magazine for a few years. After that, I became a freelance stylist and writer but quickly moved on to the role as The Globe and Mail’s fashion editor. Just recently I joined Tokyo Smoke as their head of content, and am really enjoying working for such a dynamic young brand.

What challenges do you or women face in your industry?

The fashion industry is female-positive in many ways; there are many women in positions of power. However, it’s sometimes difficult to reconcile the ideas of being “dictative” as an editor while simultaneously encouraging freedom and self-expression. My new role sees me face the challenge of being a woman in the cannabis industry; there are many awesome ladies working within it, but it’s still often seen as one that’s male-driven.

What advice would you give to young girls who want to be the NEXT you?

Even now, it’s often clear to me that because of my style and aesthetic preferences, I’ve not really aligned with what’s “cool” in fashion; however, that’s always changing and I always stay true to myself. I love beautiful things, and often they’re quite expensive, but I always want people to take these ideas and make them their own by using vintage material, and supporting local labels that are doing interesting things. I would say maintaining integrity, staying positive, being kind and curious, and opening yourself to new opportunities are all key. Here’s a good starting point for your career, even if you’re not sure what you want to do or exactly where you’ll fit: “What’s your point of view?”

How do you separate your professional life from your personal life?

This is very difficult to do. My husband also works in the creative world, so it’s hard for us to “turn off” when we have free time. That said, I always like to take time to go to a beach or park and read, nap or whatever – it’s a simple way to re-energize and distance myself from what’s happening at work.

What inspires you?

On a general level, I really love meeting designers, entrepreneurs and creatives, and hearing the stories behind their work. More specifically, I find inspiration in art, the street style in London, and psychedelic music and musicians from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

When you’re off the clock, what are your indulgences?

If I feel like staying in, I love binge watching The Simpsons or Bob’s Burgers – it’s always good to have a laugh. Socially, I’ll do a few circuits at Body Blitz and have a nice meal afterwards with friends.


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