Editor’s Letter – June – The Unwind

Editor’s Letter – June – The Unwind

When you’re off the clock how do you indulge?

It’s a new question we’ve added to our interviews over the past few months.

While focusing on the Wonder Women we feature each week, we thought we’d ask what they do for themselves.

Many women (us included) sometimes put others first, not only in our careers, but in relationships and to-do lists, which got us thinking: if you’re last on the list, how will you be of service to anyone else? We wanted to pull the veil on our working women and ask them to share what gets them jazzed, whether it’s travelling to a new country, a Netflix binge-watching marathon or going to a kickboxing class.

We understand that the act of indulging, or perhaps even that word indulgence, may make some feel guilty.

You may think: who am I to​ take a break​? There will always be more to cross off that to-do list.

We acknowledge not everyone has the luxury of taking an hour-long nap in the middle of the day. We know there are mouths to feed, deadlines to meet, aging parents to care for, special needs children to attend to, rent to pay; the list goes on. We understand that not all women have partners or family to help them, and a lot of responsibility rests on their shoulders.

However, I do believe that no matter what rung of the working ladder you find yourself clinging to, it’s important that you check in with yourself. It’s not selfish, but mandatory.

This past year, I’ve struggled with a health issue that’s affected many areas of my life. I found that during times of high stress, where I put myself last, that condition rears its ugly head and I have no choice but to take a step back and evaluate where I’ve been giving up on myself.

For me, indulgence is reading a book on a Sunday, sweating it out at a spinning class or blasting country music alone in my apartment – activities that are solely for me to unfurl the twisted 1980s telephone cord that is my mind and body.

For all the women out there – the heroes, the caregivers, the ones who put in the extra hours – don’t forget to find the joy and relaxation outside of your duties and passions.

I believe it’s better to get an oil change now, than wait for the entire engine to break down.


Amanda, Co-Founder & Editor


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